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We like to think that delivering the total package, at high levels of competence, is what makes Nutrient Innovations worthy of the consideration of nutritional supplement manufacturers everywhere.

So, what do we mean when we refer to the “total package?”

We begin by aspiring to stand out based on our ability to reliably deliver the basics – quality supplement ingredients and raw materials, great service that meets your timing requirements, all at a fair price, with full GMP and FSMA documentation. We carry a complete line of specialty nutraceuticals, herbal extracts and powders, amino acid compounds, vegetable and fruit powders, organic ingredients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sweeteners, prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, enzymes and specialty chemicals to meet a full variety of applications. If supplying those is all you need us for, we’re here for you. But what could make Nutrient Innovations a more special asset for you is that we were created to do more. To have the ideas that can take your business to the next level. To suggest combinations of ingredients your competitors are overlooking. To help you keep your focus on your key target customers and expand your offerings to them. Or help you expand to new targets and new revenue streams.





Amino Acids






Sugar Cubes




Your Winning Ingredient

When we talk about the Winning Ingredient, it’s a combination of getting the core functions right while aspiring to go beyond being a valued ingredient wholesaler. Our hope is to earn the right over time to be looked at by you as a trusted partner and not only as a supplier. Someone always thinking about your business and what will make it grow profitably. Someone with ideas and the ability to help make them happen.

Your Winning Ingredient


The business perspective that enables us to do this simple: we work hard on behalf of supplement manufacturers to understand the nutritional relationship between supplements and the fundamentals of peoples’ desire to lead active, healthy lives. How nutritional products give people the chance to live the physical life of their dreams. Knowing the essential supplement categories through decades of experience – fitness and key pre-workout ingredients, weight loss, joint health, appearance/beauty from within, anti-aging, gut health and the immune system, controlling inflammation, vision support/eye health and much more – is critical to our being a trusted advisor to you in growing and shaping your business. Understanding how these areas evolve as the life journey progresses is important, too. We try to stay on top of what works, what’s hot (and why) and what compounds make the most effective combinations. We want to be with you for the long run, and our recommendations to you may evolve as your markets evolve. As in most life pursuits, knowledge here is power.

Supplement Manufacturers


High Speed Encapsulation up to 4000 capsules per minute

Bottling Line with Capacity for 30,000+ Bottles Per Day


Knowing the critical relationship between gut health and immune system strength, we look beyond the contribution of individual ingredients to the bigger question of “how do we combat toxins escaping through cellular lining in the digestive tract?” While prebiotics help balance gut flora, probiotics are even more important to microbiome health.  But the job isn’t complete without the addition of postbiotics to help deal with the prebiotic and probiotic interaction. To help seal up the small fissures in the gut that give toxins access to the bloodstream, we created ExtraBiotix Postbiotic Complex to ensure that all three are working together.


Extra Biotix

With 70% of the human immune system located in the digestive tract, getting the right balance of microbiota is a key to better health.

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Nature’s First Superfood.

NutriBrocc Logo

Contains a glucoraphanin rich source of Broccoli Extract yielding a high production rate of sulforaphanes

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A potent, non-stimulant herbal extract from Grains of Paradise, engineered to ignite thermogenesis and sculpt lean body mass.

Why should You Choose Nutrient innovations?

From the basics of all forms of raw materials and superb ingredients, to reliable supply chain performance, ideas that drive your business, intricate extraction capabilities, manufacturing and even marketing support, Nutrient Innovations is ready to deliver on our promises to you. With a menu of services as broad as we offer, we are ready to help nutritional supplement manufacturers, private label suppliers and supplement brands with custom formulas of any size, from a start up to a major international manufacturer or anywhere in between.

Why Should You Choose Nutrient Innovations

We are all about winning.

Winning for your customers when they connect with your products.

Winning for you when the lives of your customers are improved. And winning for Nutrient Innovations when we help you accomplish this.

And winning for Nutrient Innovations when we help you accomplish this.

Winning for Nutrient Innovations


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