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Since 2006 we have successfully serviced our ever growing customer base of supplement manufacturers and third party CMO suppliers, which has let us build up an impressive and effective array of nutritional ingredients you need for your products. We work with dozens and dozens of suppliers to bring you ingredients originating from five continents and over twenty countries to be sure that you get exactly what you need, without compromise.

Whether for organic supplement manufacturing, protein powders, herbals, fruits,fiber, aminos, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins or minerals, we know where to source what you require. This ensures not only that we can readily find what you need, but that we can also tap the right source for the form you intend to produce. Our longstanding relationships and recognition with international ingredient factories and supplement ingredient supply chains garners us a pricing advantage that we are proud to pass along to our customers.

Why should You Choose Nutrient innovations?

From the basics of all forms of raw materials and superb ingredients, to reliable supply chain performance, ideas that drive your business, intricate extraction capabilities, manufacturing and even marketing support, Nutrient Innovations is ready to deliver on our promises to you. With a menu of services as broad as we offer, we are ready to help nutritional supplement manufacturers, private label suppliers and supplement brands with custom formulas of any size, from a start up to a major international manufacturer or anywhere in between.

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