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Natural Halostachine

Natural Halostachine

Halostachys Capsica: The Natural Source for Halostachine

Nutrient Innovations, Inc. is proud to introduce a newly developed natural source of Halostachys Caspica Extract standardized to Halostachine, available with specifications of 20%, 50% and 80%. The ideal NATURAL replacement for Higenamine and Hordenine in pre-workout and fat burning products, Natural Halostachine is highly effective on its own or in combination with Caffeine and other \”tried and true\” pre-workout and fat burner ingredients.

Higenamine and Hordenine have proven to be widely popular in pre-workout and fat burning products; however, unfortunately for many brands and consumers enjoying the benefits of these potent formula enhancers, the FDA has added both ingredients to the Advisory List. The good news is Natural Halostachine provides similar health benefits without the added health risks and regulatory prohibitions associated with Higename and Hordenine.

Moreover, Higenamine and Hordenine hcl are synthetic, while Halostachys Caspica extract is derived from a natural source, which is likely more effective for marketing to current Millenial demographics. Furthermore, Natural Halostachine may have a milder yet still potent effect on lipolysis. Clinical studies show it causes no significant increase in heart rate while Higenamine may cause unknown problems, which is why Natural Halostachine will likely have long term success in the market as a staple component of leading pre-workout and fat burning formulas. 

Health Benefits of Natural Halostachine May Include:

  •  Increased Metabolism
  •  Enhanced Focus
  •  Increased Energy
  •  Improved Appetite Control
  •  Improved Glucose Storage and Utilization During Exercise.
Specification:Recommended Daily Dosage:
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