Nutrient Innovations Inc


Pure Chlorella with Broken Cell Wall

Pure Chlorella with Broken Cell Wall contains quality proteins and approximately twenty minerals. Applications include tablet, encapsulation, liquid and dry beverage powder mix.

Broken Cell Wall Chlorella
• More Bioavailable for Better Digestibility
• Certified Halal & 100% Vegan
• Non-GMO, Clean & Pure

Pure Chlorella with Broken Cell Wall is cultivated using an innovative, proprietary technology that results in rich, nutrient dense finished product that is unmatched in purity. Manufactured indoors under strict aseptic conditions, our fermentation process incorporates ideal pH levels, temperature, and agitation and aeration rates to accomplish the highest level of bio-availability, purity and consistency. Not only does this have an environmentally friendly footprint allowing for wider-scale production, it also prevents pollutants from contaminating our product.

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