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Nutrient Innovations, Inc. distributes the ProBioBlend series of Probiotic ingredients designed with potent immune-boosting bacteria, well known to help maintain or restore the natural balance of intestinal microflora. By combining the probiotic bacteria in our ProBioBlend products, the better health benefits are optimized for digestive support.

Health Benefits Include:
• Promote Healthy Digestive Function
• Reduce Bloating & Gas
• Maintenance of Intestinal Homeostasis
• Competitive Exclusion of Pathogens
• Production of Antimicrobial Compounds

The healthy function of the digestive system is imperative for general health and well-being. Often the negative results of eating greasy foods, drinking alcohol and experiencing stress can lead to an improper balance of beneficial flora in the intestinal tract. Supplementing with Probiotic ingredients found in our ProBioBlend products can help restore a healthy balance of microflora.

Available in the following Specs:
• ProBioBlend III with 3 Strains
• ProBioBlend X9 with 9 Strains
• Available in 1 Billion, 10 Billion and 20 Billion cfu/g

\”Probiotic brands are sold at relatively high retail price points and most consumers take them daily, which deliver strong sales gains for retailers and the manufacturers of these brands,\” according to Kline Market Research.

The report has also found that the consumption of natural OTCs has doubled from 2014 to 2015. Furthermore, almost an additional two-thirds of consumers say they are using natural OTCs today as compared to 2010.

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