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Market Update on Key Vitamin, Amino and Sweetener Ingredients

Market Update on Key Vitamin, Amino and Sweetener Ingredients

Supply Chain Resilience

We’ve been in consistent talks with our international partners, especially those in China. We are happy to report that our supply chains remain strong, ensuring you receive your products on time and to the quality you’ve come to expect from us. Today I’d like to report new market dynamics for the following ingredients:


There’s been a notable change in the cost of key raw materials used in Taurine production. We’re closely monitoring this situation to minimize its impact on your business.


Current market indicators are showing a likelihood of changes for these ingredients. We are taking steps to mitigate any possible effects on your supply.


Due to shifts in the cost of essential chemical raw materials, the overall cost of producing Sucralose has been impacted. Given these market dynamics, we recommend reviewing your inventory levels for this ingredient.

Vitamin B1

We’ve noticed that factories have paused quoting on Vitamin B1, which typically suggests a market change in the near future.

Investments in Advanced Analytics

To continue serving you effectively, we’re implementing predictive analytics SOPs that will better enable us to forecast market demand and manage our supply chain proactively.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. We greatly value your continued business and look forward to further collaboration.

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