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Top 5 Novel Weight Loss Ingredients

• Yohimbe Extract
• Green Tea
• Guggulipids Extract
• Mangosteen Extract
• Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Yohimbe is a tree originally found in parts of Africa. The bark of Yohimbe contains Yohimbine which is used for medicinal purposes. Yohimbe is believed to be beneficial for weight loss, athletic performance, and healthy blood pressure. Nutrient Innovations, Inc. supplies Yohimbe hcl, Yohimbe 8% and Yohimbe Powder.

Green Tea is one of the most beneficial ingredients used for weight loss. It helps to burn fat and improves cardiovascular health. In addition to these benefits it is also rich in antioxidants which protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. Nutrient Innovations supplies several Green Tea Extracts. Email us to request your desired specification today.

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